Montag, 28. Juni 2010

Felix Sturm

Zu diesem Video habe ich gelesen, dass man sich vorstellen kann, wie Felix Sturm beim Sex stöhnt und das macht mich ziemlich an. Er ist der geilste Boxer der Welt und hier trainiert er - natürlich ohne Hemd - und stöhnt dabei, während ihm sein Trainer an die Hüften fasst und es fast so aussieht, als würde er ihn in den Arsch ficken. Geil!

Jesse Metcalfe

Dieses Video zeigt Jesse Metcalfe in seiner Paraderolle als Gärtner John in "Desperate Housewives". Wirklich eine der geilsten Säue, die es gibt!

Dienstag, 8. Juni 2010

Sexstory with Zac Efron and Corbin Bleu

Zac and Corbin were colleagues, they both played in "High School Musical", now for the third time. They also were good friends, yes, they liked each other and they liked to make jokes and fun of the other colleagues.
They had very much fun together, but the last day was near. On the last day, all were very sad and nobody had the sense for jokes.
Also Corbin and Zac were sad, but they decided to spend the evening together with a workout. They both were very fit and they wanted to know who was fitter. So they did a training with dumbbells. And Zac was the one who was winning. Corbin gave up after an hour and ripped off his shirt and then also Zac stopped, but he trained five minutes longer than Corbin and so he was the winner.
He also stripped down his shirt and saw Corbin staring at his hot body. "Damn boy, you're hot!", he said to Zac. He grinned. "You're too, man!". Both had sixpacks, but Zac was a little bit fitter.
They both looked at each other and then Zac realized that Corbin got an erection. He grinned and touched his own package. Then he got down on his knees, pulled Corbin's trunks down and sucked his dick. Corbin moaned and ran his fingers through Zac's hair.
Zac didn't stop until Corbin shot his seed into his mouth and he didn't hesitate to drink it. Then it was Corbin's turn to suck Zac's dick which was amazingly huge.
Zac didn't need much time to shoot his cum and also Corbin drank all of it. After a little pause, Corbin fucked Zac so hard in the ass that they both screamed.

Montag, 7. Juni 2010

Sex-Story with Wilmer Valderrama, Kellan Lutz, Marco Schreyl and Jesse Metcalfe

It was a hot day and so Wilmer decided to go to his pool. He always swam when he had time and now he had a day off. After swimming for half an hour he decided to call some of his friends to join him.
Kellan and Jesse were at their homes and they told him to come. At first Kellan arrived, then Jesse who brought a friend called Marco.
They were all really hot and Wilmer couldn't help - he got a boner. He had luck nobody could see it because he was in the water. He watched Kellan's hot body, then watched Marco's amazing arm muscles and finally watched Jesse's abs.
Then suddenly he felt a warm breath in his neck. And then someone kissed his neck. He turned around to see who it was. It was Kellan. This hot guy kissed him?!? Damn!
Then they kissed on their mouths, and Kellan licked over Wilmer's lips with his tongue. Wilmer moaned and then he screamed as he felt a hand rubbing his hard-on. It was Jesse. And then Marco touched his stomach. Wilmer breathed heavily, and moaned the whole time.
Then they all got out of the pool and went into the house where they stripped down completely. They had amazing cocks. Wilmer hadn't lied when he said his dick was longer than eight inches. They were all without hair and Wilmer was cut, the others weren't. They all had massive erections and so it didn't take long until Kellan fucked Wilmer hard in the ass. Wilmer moaned loudly and Kellan fucked even harder while rubbing Wilmer's dick. Then Kellan shot his cum into Wilmer's ass. Now it was Marco's turn. It didn't take long until he came. The last one was Jesse. He didn't want anal sex, but oral one.
He and Wilmer did 69 and now Wilmer could finally shoot his cum into Jesse's mouth. Jesse was drinking it and Wilmer was sucking his dick the whole time, so also Jesse came. It was a huge explosion of his sperm and Wilmer couldn't drink it all on his own, so he shared it with Kellan and Marco.
After that they needed a little time for relaxing and getting their breath again. But that did not take too long and so they could start a second round. Now Wilmer wanted to take the active role in fucking and his choice was Kellan. Kellan had a very tight hole and he screamed loudly when Wilmer put his huge dick into it. But Wilmer had no mercy, he fucked him hard and came after a few minutes. He shot all of his cum over Kellan's back and Marco and Jesse licked it off.
It was so hot to watch that Wilmer got a boner again. He jerked off now, there was not as much cum as before, but still enough to satisfy the hungry mouth of Marco. Marco was very dirty, he liked to drink the piss of Jesse. Jesse laughed because he thought it was funny watching Marco sucking his cock while he was pissing. Marco drank all of it and then he kept on sucking until Jesse came and gave him a lot of cum.
Now Kellan was ready for a new fuck. He decided to fuck Jesse in the ass and Jesse allowed him to. Jesse was the one who screamed loudest because his hole was the tightest one and because Kellan's dick was the longest and thickest one. He was very hard when he put it into Jesse's hole and didn't need a lot of time to come.
After that great day they decided to do it again the next day and the day after that and the day after that...